Which exercise program is the best?

What do you do for a living? If you're a medical professional, when you meet new people, they'll most likely ask you about whatever ailment they're facing. If you're in the auto industry, people probably ask you what car is best to drive. When you're a personal trainer, people ask you which exercise program is best.

The answer really depends on you. Are you training for a specific goal, aesthetically or athletically? Are you exercising as a medical necessity for improved health? Do you just want to look and feel better? Let's take a quick look at some different ways to work out.

Athletic training

If you're training for a specific sport, you'll be practicing that sport of course! But there are also likely to be other strength training techniques you can do on the gym floor to improve your functional movements within your activity. If you play volleyball, for example, you can train to improve your jump and protect your shoulders. There are also cardiovascular and endurance improvements you can train for to help your sport.

Strength training

According to WebMD, Physically inactive people can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30. Depending on a variety of factors, we are also susceptible to bone density loss as we age. Strength training is the most efficient way to combat both bone density and muscle mass loss. But that's not the only benefit. It's how people get that visible definition some strive for. Many people enjoy it simply because there are measurable improvements when you are able to increase your weight or reps. Not to mention it will help you lose fat, as well as maintain and improve functional movement and capabilities in years to come. 
Note:  No, strength training will not make a woman bulk up like a man. Nor will you find yourself suddenly looking like a bodybuilder. That takes TONS of hard work and dedication. So don't be afraid to pick up some heavier weights (with good form, of course) and if you aren't sure how, come talk to one of our trainers. We'd love to help!

Aerobic training

Even if you're not a fan of cardio, hear me out. Your heart is important. Nothing else in your body can function without it so take care of it! You don't necessarily have to go run marathons (unless you want to, of course) but working even a little bit of cardiovascular exercise into your routine can be extremely beneficial. It will make your heart stronger (it's a muscle too, you know!), help you lose weight, decrease your risk of a heart attack and diabetes, and improve your lung capacity. Try to get at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise in one session to make sure you're reaping the benefits.

Overall health

Many people who come through the PYRAMID doors just want to look and feel better or get and stay healthy. Ideally, we'd all find a perfect balance of strength, cardio, flexibility and balance training to become our healthiest selves. Our classes are a great place to start! Depending on which facet of exercise you're looking to improve upon, we've painted a clear picture on our class posters of what to expect from each class. At the bottom of each poster, difficulty levels are broken down  to show cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility. Most of our classes offer multiple facets to help you stay well-rounded in your workouts. Hint:  All our classes are included in your gym membership.

So what IS the best exercise?

Short answer: the one you'll DO! 
Don't be afraid to ask for guidance. Keep an open mind, try new things, and find something you enjoy doing. Your body will thank you.