7 Etiquette Tips for a Better Gym Experience

Whether you're new to a gym setting or have been regularly working out for years, there are a few etiquette guidelines that should be followed. These vary from gym to gym but for the most part, they all apply. There's a lot to cover but it's completely manageable so stay with me!

 1. Let someone know you're here

When you sign up for a membership, you'll receive a scan card that's attached to your account. We ask that you scan in (put the bar code under the handheld scanner at the front desk and squeeze the trigger) every time you visit our facility. Not only does it help us track our memberships and attendance, but it also provides a log in case of emergency. Additionally, if you rely on attendance records for reimbursement from your insurance company, scanning in will make it more accurate.


2. You use it, you clean it

PYRAMID takes pride in being the cleanest facility in the area and you can help! You'll notice the little tables with red rags and spray bottles located around the gym floor. These are provided so that you can spray and wipe down each machine after you're finished using it. There's no need to get a new rag for each machine; just take your rag with you to the next one and, when you're finished with your workout, deposit your used rag in the hamper toward the front of the gym wall.


3. Re-rack your weights

We love to see your reach and exceed your goals on our gym floor! And we love it even more when you put plates, weights, and other equipment back in their appropriate places after you use them. It helps keep our gym floor safe and allows our other patrons to go through their workouts without the hinderance of having to clean up after someone else. 

4. Notice the focus

For some, coming to the gym is a chance to socialize while getting fit (hint: that's one of the reasons we provide coffee in the lobby). For others, it's a time to focus. That cute girl with the headphones in? She doesn't want to have a conversation during her workout. The angry looking dude with the headphones? That may just be his focused gym face - don't be scared! Another thing to note:  When someone is lifting in front of the mirror and you have to get past them, try not to go between that person and the mirror if you can help it. In most cases, lifting in front of the mirror is not about ego; it's about monitoring your form.

5. Work well with others

We want you to get your best workout in while you're here and we do everything we can to facilitate that. However, our facility can get quite busy at certain times. If you notice that all the cardio machines like the one you're using are also in use, we ask that you be mindful of limiting time there to 30 minutes. Also, if you're using one of our strength training machines and someone else asks you to work in, please be kind and do so if you have more than one set left. If you need to take a phone call in the middle of your workout, kindly wipe down and vacate the machine you were using so others can use it while you're gone.

6. Family-friendly fitness

This one certainly varies from gym to gym but here at PYRAMID, we strive for an environment that's welcoming for people of all ages and all stages of fitness. You'll notice some updated signs in our locker rooms that endorse guidelines for choosing gym outfits that help those around us who are still becoming comfortable on the gym floor. We also ask that you refrain from loud, offensive language and just be generally respectful to those around you.

7. When in doubt, just ask!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask one of our staff for help. We welcome questions and we're more than happy to assist you in the journey to your best self!