It may be patriotic to ram that entire plate of chips into your mouth

...but you don't have to. See what I did there? 



Whether you're gearing up for the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl, this weekend is sure to be filled with enticing treats. Inevitably, my Monday and Tuesday classes will be filled with people working extra hard to make up for what they ate and drank over the weekend. So how do you stay on track with your nutrition when rich foods abound?


First of all, live your life. 

That's right, I said it. In reality, it's what you do 80-90% of the time that will make the most impact on your nutritional success. One day of poor eating won't make you unhealthy any more than one day of nutritionally sound eating will give you a six pack (we're talking abs, not alcohol). With that in mind, you shouldn't feel awful when the day is complete either. In order to set yourself up for success, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Make your early meals count.

Start the day off with a healthy breakfast and continue on with a healthy lunch. Prior to an evening full of carbs and fat, make sure you get a decent amount of protein (and even some veggies) in your system. While you're at it, drink lots of water, too!



Gram's homemade pierogies? You bet I'm eating them every time they appear at a function. If I were on my death bed and the doctors told me one of those pierogies would send me into the afterlife, I'd make sure I had my affairs in order and take a bite. But what about that bowl of pretzels? You know, the ones that just show up at every party and you find yourself putting them on your plate just because they're there? Before you reach for a food, ask yourself if it's something you actually enjoy.


Bring a healthier dish.

Be part of the solution. No, you don't have to show up with chicken and kale for everyone, but perhaps something a little light on the grease factor would be appreciated. If you need some inspiration, here's 

41 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Recipes 

from Greatist


If you get to the end of the night and feel like you've over-indulged, remember:


Don't beat yourself up the morning after.

Just pick up where you left off and get back on track. It's more important that you have a great day with friends and family and drive safely (or not at all). The gym will still be here Monday morning and that bag of kale will still be wilting away in your fridge. 


Happy snacking!