"I start with the first machine on the left."

It's more common than you'd think:  You walk into the gym, pop in your headphones, and decide you want to use some strength training machines. So you start with the first machine on the left because, well, because it's the first machine on the left. 

Shoulder Press Machine

At PYRAMID, it just so happens that the first machine on the left is the Shoulder Press. So it makes sense that we frequently see people starting their workout here. There's nothing inherently wrong with starting on the shoulder press, especially if your workout for the day includes a focus on shoulders. However, we'd like to remind our gym fam that it's important to warm up your shoulders before an upper body workout.

Our goal here is to help you become the best, healthiest version of yourself and avoiding injury is key to achieving that goal. If you like starting your workout with a shoulder press, go for it - just make sure your shoulders are warmed up first. If you're starting on the shoulder press because it's the first machine on the left, we encourage you to talk to us about a strategic plan that will help you reach your goals safely and efficiently.

Check out the series of exercises below to prepare your shoulders for your workout. Behind the mirrored wall, we have a variety of exercise bands to help you along the way. It will take no more than 5 minutes and I promise it will be worth preserving your shoulders!