Class Spotlight: FridayFIT

We have a wide array of classes here at PYRAMID so I'd like to take a few posts to highlight our fitness classes. In this mini-series, you'll learn a bit more about what to expect from each class and how to figure out if it's a good fit for your goals.
First up is FridayFIT!
It's called FridayFIT because (you guessed it) it's held on Fridays. It's a chance to kick off the weekend with a burn. This class is a combination of strength and HIIT training to shed pounds and sculpt the entire body.

What to expect

We start with a low intensity warm up and mild stretching. From there, we go into rotating bouts of strength training and high intensity interval training. The strength components involve the use of free weights, bands and bodyweight. The HIIT portions are made up of various exercises of high intensity (but not necessarily high impact) with short breaks in between. At the end, we cool down and stretch. Exercises vary from week to week to make sure we train the whole body appropriately.

What should I bring?

Bring water for sure. If you have a yoga mat, it would be a good idea to bring that as well (we have mats in the fitness room for you to use if you don't bring one. No worries). Be sure to wear sneakers that are comfortable and will stay put during intense movement. Additionally, you may bring a sweat towel if you'd like.

Does it meet my goals?

 If you're looking to improve strength, muscle definition, and endurance, this class is for you. 

What if I have limitations?

This class is recommended for those with healthy knees and shoulders. Limited modifications are available to complete the workouts, such as low impact options for the HIIT portions and strength training adjustments to accommodate most issues. Feel free to take breaks and drinks as needed to keep challenging yourself to improve. 
Come check it out! Currently, this class is on Fridays at 5pm downstairs in our fitness room. We'd recommend showing up at least 5 minutes early to get set up.